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Planning Meetings - 2023/2024
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The Planning Process

Flintshire County Council is the planning authority covering the Town of Mold. All applications for planning permission and for building regulations approval should be submitted to Flintshire County Council for consideration.

The County Council operates its own planning website that provides details of all applications and allows applicants and others to view progress. This can be found at

Role of Mold Town Council
Mold Town Council is consulted on all planning applications for development within the Town and is required to respond giving its observations within three weeks.

The Town Council considers the applications at its monthly meetings. During August and December when the Town Council is in recess, the consideration of applications is delegated to the Planning Committee. The minutes of meetings of the Planning Committee are reported to the subsequent meeting of the Town Council.

Details of the responses of Mold Town Council can be viewed in the minutes of the meetings.