Financial Assistance Form

Grants to Local Groups

Mold Town Council gives grants to local voluntary or charitable groups based and/or working in Mold and also to regional or national charitable groups that undertake work in the Town or provide assistance to residents of Mold.

The general premise is that the work of the group should benefit some or all of the residents of Mold. The Council has the power to provide financial grant aid in accordance with Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.

Mold Town Council considers applications at its January and June meetings each year and usually sets aside an amount of £3,000 for distribution.

What are grants given for?
The following guidelines are given to help groups determine whether they qualify for assistance. Groups can apply for grants to cover:

  1. The capital costs, or a contribution towards the costs of, any new or replacement equipment that may be required to assist the group in its activities
  2. The costs, or a contribution towards the costs involved in the presentation of an event, concert, performance or specific activity produced by a local group
  3. The costs involved in the establishment of a new local voluntary or charitable group.

In addition, Mold Town Council will give consideration to requests for grants towards the general running costs of any group. The Town Council will consider giving a commitment for a contribution for up to a period of three years towards these general running costs. These applications will only be considered at the January meeting of the Town Council.

How the scheme works
Please contact the town clerk to request an application form for a grant or click Financial Assistance Form to access an electronic version (PDF). Forms must be returned either by the end of December or the end of May each year.

A group of councillors will consider all applications to make sure they meet the criteria for assistance prior to a report being made to Mold Town Council.

The final decision on the awarding of a grant will be made by Mold Town Council at its meetings in January and June each year.