Services Delivered

Mold Town Council is one of 34 town and community councils within the County of Flintshire, the new unitary authority created after a re-organisation of local government in Wales in 1996.


  • Management and maintenance of the Town Cemetery and burial activities in the Town
  • Provision of financial assistance to local groups for the benefit of residents including Citizens Advice Bureau, Daniel Owen Community Association
  • Production of an annual report
  • Provision of rooms for hire for local groups or those providing services to local residents and visitors
  • Provision of the Town Council’s web site
  • Provision of hanging baskets and other floral displays in the Town 
  • Provision of the Town Christmas tree and festive lighting at Christmas time and involvement in the event for the switching on of the lights
  • Consultation on all planning matters affecting the Town, including the Local Development Plan and developments that may have an effect upon the services provided in the Town
  • Provision of financial contributions towards the match funding of highway and other schemes that improve the quality of life for residents
  • Provision of financial contributions towards the management and maintenance and future enhancement of the Town’s closed circuit television system
  • Lobbying of relevant agencies and other bodies on matters of importance to the Town and its residents and visitors
  • Provision of financial support for the Summer Playschemes operated by the County Council
  • Provision of financial support to Mold Town Concert Band
  • Management of the Town Hall, administration and financial services