Cittaslow Status for Mold

Mold has the distinction of becoming the first town in Wales to be accepted into the Cittaslow movement.

What is Cittaslow? – A network of towns where it is good to live.

Cittaslow is an international movement that grew from ‘Slow Food’, an organisation open to individual members to join. ‘Slow Food’ is dedicated to advancing causes allied to traditional, quality food and drink and has grown to have some 80,000 members across the world, well over 1,000 of whom live in the United Kingdom. It is organised into local groups, called 'Convivia'.

Cittaslow is also a membership organisation which towns and cities with a population of less than 50,000 being eligible to join and the benefits to towns which embrace the Cittaslow goals are extensive.

Many of the criteria, such as supporting and developing local producers and their products as well as local culture and traditions are already on the agenda for Mold as part of the ‘Food Town’ initiative and being the host town for the Flintshire Eisteddfod 2007. But Cittaslow takes this further as joining involves the whole community in a gradual process of improvement – by working towards a more sustainable local environment, encouraging diversity, promoting healthy living, especially with young people and children. For a copy of the goals contact Mold Town Council telephone 01352 758532 or email

In March 2006 Mold Town Council agreed to support the pursuit of membership of the Cittaslow Movement and to provide the initial financial support. 

The then Tourism Committee of the Town Council, together with other interested people, prepared an application that was submitted and assessed at the end of July 2006. Two months later, just before the first Mold Food and Drink Festival took place, it was confirmed that Cittaslow status had been awarded and Mold had become the first town in Wales to achieve this distinction. Town Councillor Andrea Mearns now represents Mold on the Cittaslow UK Board.

The preparation of the application to join the movement highlighted a number of issues that need to be addressed in order to further improve the overall quality of life for residents and visitors of Mold. This 'action plan' will now be pursued by a dedicated group of the Town Council alongside a wide range of interest groups and other interested volunteers.

If you would like to know more or have an interest and would be willing to participate, please contact the Town Clerk at Mold Town Council telephone 01352 758532. Email