General Data Protection Regulations 2018

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will replace the Data Protection Act and will apply in the United Kingdom from 25th May 2018. GDPR introduces a number of new requirements, including changes to privacy notices, consent and requests to view personal data. These requirements are encapsulated in a new Data Protection Bill currently being passed in Parliament.

The Data Protection Bill can be reviewed in its current form by following the link 

Mold Town Council has a responsibility under the Data Protection Act 2018 to hold, obtain, record, use and store all personal data relating to an identifiable individual in a secure and confidential manner.

The Data Protection Act 2018 governs the handling of personal information that identifies living individuals directly or indirectly and covers both manual and computerised information. It provides a mechanism by which individuals about whom data is held (the "data subjects") can have a certain amount of control over the way in which it is handled.

The Town Council is committed to ensuring that personal information is

handled in a secure and confidential manner in accordance with its obligations

under the Data Protection Act 2018 and professional guidelines. The Town

Council will use all appropriate and necessary means at its disposal to comply

with the Data Protection Act and associated guidance.

For further information on Mold Town Council’s policy, procedures, Data Breach procedure and Subject Access requests please refer to the Town Councils strategic documents on this website.