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Saturday 16 February, Mold Potato Day, in the Daniel Owen Centre,

Earl Road CH7 1AP from 9am to 3pm. With over 70 varieties of seed potatoes to chose from along with garlic and fruit bushes, this event is a must for gardeners. Organised by FlintShare Community Growers, contact Peter Brownhill for details pjb236@hotmail.com


Throughout the year, Mold Town Council host many other events. The Council works in partnership with local schools, community groups, local organisations, clubs and the business sector.

Please refer to the Event List for further information.

Many of the events listed opposite allow for not only enjoyment and relaxation but also the opportunity for many charities to raise awareness and valuable funds for good causes.

There are also many other events happening throughout the year, further information can be found:



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Mold Event Photo