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The first Welsh town to achieve Cittaslow status, Mold has a strong community of committed volunteers working to improve the quality of life for residents.

Cittaslow towns are flourishing. Unique, vibrant and prosperous, we’re retaining our distinct identities in the face of global homogenisation. There’s an art to improving the quality of life in a town; a way in which the community comes together for the common good that generates a passion felt by residents and visitors alike. Our goals champion a holistic approach that strengthens communities and creates a better daily life for all. This is the legacy we’ll leave for future generations.

Cittaslow Mold comprises many local organisations and individuals, and is supported by Mold Town Council. We have three Cittaslow Mold sub-groups

Environmental Policy - is interested in Cittaslow membership criteria ‘A’ around environmental matters 

Space & Place - covers Cittaslow membership criteria ‘B’ on infrastructure and criteria ‘C’ on the quality of urban fabric 

Local Produce & Community - covers membership criteria ‘D’ on the encouragement of local produce and production, criteria ‘E’ on hospitality and community and criteria ‘F’ on Cittaslow awareness creation 

Cittaslow Events 

Bailey Hill Festival - Sunday 11th June 2017.

Mold Pancake Race - Shrove Tuesday February 28th  2.00pm to 4.00 pm Daniel Owen Square, Mold  

On Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Races are held in Daniel Owen Square, Mold starting at 2pm. Entry is free and pans, pancakes and aprons are provided.  

Phone Mold Town Council 01352 758532 or email for more information